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How To Join “Our Planet” to Make Money for your Charity, Group or Just For Yourself!

You might have a Special Group – or just want to make extra money for you and your family.   Whatever your focus, has an Affiliate program for you to make additional income. 

Let’s say you belong to an organization which helps Breast Cancer, Women’s Club, youth groups and other important Community Activities and Charities.  We are going to make it easy for you to lead your group into a better financial path.  Money, after all, makes a difference. 

Your Volunteers are a key focus for your efforts in’s Affiliate program.   With the dynamic members of your group, you create an outreach program to your volunteers – but also their individual networks of friends, family, co-workers and more.  

Your Volunteers would purchase product – and then you or your organization makes an Affiliate percentage on each and every sale.  So your volunteer education and outreach is critical.

That’s why has several important marketing tools for you to easily download, modify and send to your volunteers.  These items include email templates, a poster and flyers.  Easy, quick and effective. 

How do you start with your Volunteers?  Take a poll amongst your most active members to see what they think of the idea of incorporating CBD into your fundraising efforts.  CBD is organic, based on legal Industry Hemp and is Triple-Tested in certified labs.  

But you have to make sure that your Volunteers understand, agree and want to move forward with this program.  Having them behind you in your efforts will make it easier, faster and more effective. 

Doing the Math.   

So you have a list of your Volunteers who will buy products.  And, ideally, you have a checklist of each Volunteer who is willing to outreach to their friends, family, co-workers and others to buy products. 

With the number of Volunteers+Outreach, then you can figure out each product that would be purchased.  In this case, let’s use an example of our 3000mg Full Spectrum blend where you will make $30.00 per sale. (40might be more!). 

If you have  about forty (40) in your sales groups of Volunteers and Outreach, then you multiply that by $30.00 each month.  So that would make $1,200 for your group. 

And the best part:  Purchased consistently, then your group (in this example) would make $1,200.00 each and every month.  

Now that’s money that can make a great difference each and every month in your organization.  After all, it’s OurPlanet!